What to Give Someone Who Lost a Baby

When the unimaginable happens, when someone experiences the death of a baby, there are no words you can say that will help the mother or father. What you can do is listen with open arms, be there for them, cook a meal, and show them you love them.

What if you're far away? Flowers, books, cards and phone calls all help. For nearly 20 years, The Comfort Cub offers a therapeutic weighted teddy bear, which has been scientifically proven to help produce endorphins that help heal a broken heart.

The Comfort Cub is a weighted teddy bear, a universal object that symbolizes comfort, love and hugs. It was created after Marcella, inventor and CEO of The Comfort Cub, experienced the loss of her fourth child, George, to a congenital malady. In the days and months that followed his death, she discovered quite by accident, how holding a weighted object provided relief and eased her heartache. This was in 2000, long before weighted and gravity products were mainstream.

Today The Comfort Cub is provided in hospitals in every state in the USA, plus it is in every continent, including Antartica!

A Comfort Cub is a thoughtful gift to send someone in mourning. It is a symbol of love, hope and hugs. Please see more stories on our blog from people who have received a cub and shared their stories with us. We hope we can help your loved one.

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