Weighted Teddy Bear for Sensory Children

Guest Post by Jackie C.

My son started preschool when he was 2 years old. He had a pretty typical experience. However, when he turned 3 years old like the rest of his peers, I was told that he would be left behind. We are talking about preschool, so he was not left behind academically. Rather, he was left behind due to behavioral issues. My son’s class was at the age where they were all required to take a nap. There was no other option for them. My son did not need a nap, so his restlessness drove his class crazy and none of the other children were able to rest due to his behavior. The teacher suggested punishing my son for not laying still, preventing the other kids from napping.

The Comfort Cub helps children with sensory needs.
The Comfort Cub helps children with sensory needs.

I considered this for a moment until I realized I just couldn’t allow it. And my son couldn’t AND shouldn’t either. His personality is such that he is in perpetual motion-moving, touching, throwing, jumping, etc…My son has such a bright light to shine and they were asking me to dim his light in order to have him fit a mold. It was time to find another preschool….

We decided to enroll him in another preschool that provided an INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PLAN or IEP. At this new school, he was able to have sensory breaks and was provided with behavioral intervention. My son was provided with tools to learn how to play appropriately with other children his age.

It was around this time that I bumped into a long-time friend, Marcella. She is one of my favorite human beings in this world. We had not seen each other in many years, but we were always connected by the heart. Our parking lot encounter was short, sweet, and impactful, as is every exchange with Marcella.

Marcella asked me how I was doing and I explained to her what was going on in my life. She had a Comfort Cub in her hands, which she was about to ship to a mother who had lost a child. She handed it to me and said “Here, this bear will help!”

From the moment my son received his weighted therapeutic Comfort Cub, “George”, he has been sleeping with his buddy. Today he is 9 years old and our early intervention (and this cub) made all the difference.

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