Spotlight on Nancy - Northern California Ambassador

We are proud to introduce Nancy L. to all of you. Nancy has a history with our founder, Marcella, having known each other since their university days at UC Santa Barbara. As their lives intersected after graduation and as they became wives and mothers, they stayed in touch without skipping a beat, and eventually Nancy joined The Comfort Cub team as one of our first Ambassadors.

We are excited to list the amazing accomplishments Nancy has achieved in the past 12+ months.

  • A major accomplishment was getting our Comfort Cub program approved in the very first Ronald McDonald House in the country, located in Philadelphia, PA. This particular accomplishment meant a lot to Nancy as that is where her beloved Aunt Patty was from. We are in the process of shipping our single largest order ever to Ronald McDonald House, we are so grateful to Nancy!

  • Nancy established an amazing connection with the Bailard Foundation. Through them we are able to fund a cub program at Sutter Health-Mills Peninsula Hospital.

  • Nancy secured a Comfort Cub program at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, California.

  • Secured a program at UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital Oakland. We are now able to provide cubs to parents, siblings, grandparents who are bereaving the loss of child.

  • Established a thriving NICU program Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley.

  • Re-installed our Cub program within the Kaiser Permanente organization. Within some of the larger organizations we have to work through the bureaucracy to have our cubs on the approved list. Nancy was instrumental in making that happen.

  • Nancy was invited as an Ambassador of The Comfort Cub to join St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church of Danville, California. Their Outreach Committee serves local non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our first grant resulted in enough funding to secure dozens of Comfort Cubs for their community outreach program throughout the Bay Area.

  • Nancy is newly working with Dr Wendy Zachary, M.D., Director of Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP). Wendy leads Alzheimers research and is interested in pursuing a pilot program using The Comfort Cubs as a therapy tool for Alzheimers patients. She leads their acclaimed ACE (Acute Care for Elderly) program.

  • Nancy is working with a Nationwide Alzheimers therapy program through Down Syndrome Connection of The Bay Area.

We are SO thankful for Nancy and her amazing ability to partner with so many organizations and all of her tremendous achievements. Nancy has opened so many doors for the Comfort Cub. We can't wait to see what she does next!

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