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Unless you've been through the grief of infant loss first hand, you cannot fully appreciate the heart wrenching stories of families who didn’t experience the joy of bringing home their beloved baby from the hospital. Last week we shared a story about one young couple who helped us understand that KNOWLEDGE is POWER. The knowledge they shared will help families understand what a precious gift they have when they leave the hospital with their newborn in their arms. Yet other families experience great sadness due to genetics, physical issues or other infant traumas and do not leave the hospital with an infant in their arms.

Here is the story of one young family who had to make a difficult decision:

“We had our daughter Olivia Lynne on September 27, 2018. She was perfect!!! About 6 hours after birth she went dusky. The nurses rushed her to the NICU at Saddleback Hospital. They found she had some white spots on her brain. She was immediately transferred to Children’s Hospital of Orange County. There they discovered she was having seizures in her brain. They ran a battery of tests and the news we received was not good. The spots had taken over most of her brain which caused severe brain damage. The extent of the damage was so great that we made the hardest decision of our lives to let her go naturally and peacefully. She passed away at 12 days old on October 9, 2018."

Hug a Cub

"My mom is a member of a group at Saddleback Church and they gave her a Comfort Cub to give to me. I was also a member of the Empty Arms support group and they gave these out as well."

"What you are doing is such a great thing!! I’ve told a few people about them also.”

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