Comforting the Poway Jewish Community

Updated: May 1, 2019

On Saturday, April 27, Chabad of Poway, a synagogue in San Diego County, experienced a horrible attack.  Saturday was the last day of Passover, one of the holiest days in the Jewish calendar.  It was late morning when a lone gunman barged into the Synagogue.

Comfort Cubs were distributed within hours of the attack. The victims as well as the Hewbrew Children's school received cubs.

All of us at The Comfort Cub are in shock.  This is our community.  This is our home.  We have come to the aid of others outside our home in times of unfathomable tragedy.  Now we are in our own backyard responding to those in mourning, questioning the safety of our loved ones in what should be a place of celebration and worship.⁣ ⁣ To the victims in this senseless act, we open our arms with hugs of love and healing. We mourn for Lori Kaye and her family.  Lori, age 60, was at the synagogue to pray for her mother who had passed away in November.  Rabbi Goldstein, who was injured in the attack, said Lori stood between him and the shooter when she saw what was happening.  Lori’s husband, a physician, rushed to the scene when he heard about the shooting. When he saw someone lying on the ground he immediately performed CPR.  He fainted shortly afterwards when he realized that the victim was his wife. ⁣ Known as ‘the City in the Country,’ we stand strong with Poway.  19 years ago we created The Comfort Cub to help parents of infant loss.  Today we help anyone in mourning, suffering a great loss through trauma or tragedy. ⁣

To find out what you can do to support Poway, please go to this link You can also donate to the Comfort Cub to provide weighted therapeutic cubs to those in mourning.

How you can help

The Comfort Cub is grateful to the National Cheers Foundation who awarded us a grant that enabled us to donate these cubs to the Poway community. Your donations and those from organizations like the National Cheers Foundation, provide us with funds that help us distribute cubs to a community or individual in their time of need. We welcome your personal investment, please click DONATE to help us provide more cubs where they're needed. You may tell us what organization or person you would like to receive The Comfort Cub.

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