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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

From The Comfort Cub: The following post is a raw, honest glimpse into the incredibly deep heart ache experienced by a women who has lost a child. In this case Sabrina has lost 3 children in the span of six years. We share this story to underscore why we do what we do. When our founder, Marcella, experienced her heartache at the lost of her son George, her grief was unbearable. She vowed to help other women going through this same heartache. Sabrina, we stand by your side, here to help and here to comfort. A Comfort Cub is on it's way to you.

Guest post By Sabrina

This is my 3rd miscarriage in 6 years with no living children. We are a bit financially strained at the moment, as I have missed quite a bit of work due to our loss and the overwhelming depression that seemed to come out of left field with the loss, in particular.

We were hopeful that this pregnancy would be successful and finally have a living child that we have prayed so desperately for over the years. My job became very stressful all of a sudden just a little over a month into my pregnancy, as our company is rapidly growing. Being very understaffed, as well as experiencing several life situations, one of which includes a mother-in-law showing increased signs of dementia. I am a step-mother to my husband's 2 beautiful children, twin 12 year olds, a boy and a girl. But with that comes quite a bit of drama in the co-parenting aspect, as well as the normal challenges that any step parent faces in not being a biological parent to them.

My income has always been the one we relied heavily on, especially with child support being taken out of my husband's income. After losing our son at 14 weeks, I started to shut down and become closed off, not wanting to deal with the pain, guilt, shame, and anger that I felt.

My doctor recently started me on depression and anxiety meds, but he warned me it may take quite some time to feel any effects. In the meantime, no matter how much I try to manage my emotions daily, there are days where the tears just won't stop, the pain is overwhelming and the thought of facing life is just too much. So I stay in bed, knowing it is putting a burden on us financially, perpetuating the seemingly never ending cycle.

My doctor just suggested bereavement counseling, so I am working on finding somewhere local for that as well. I still am unable to look at ultrasound photos, my husband had to put them out of sight for me for now.

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