HaiChris San Diego Direct Mailing | The Comfort Cub

As a non-profit we rely heavily on our benefactors. Monetary funds definitely help sustain us year-over-year. Did you know that besides funding, services are also a wonderful way to help? Most non-profits have a huge need for printed materials, whether brochures, stickers, postcards and more.

At the Comfort Cub we are incredibly thankful to one person and his company in particular. We want to give a HUGE shout-out to Dan at HaiChris San Diego Direct Mailing & Printing.

When you receive a Comfort Cub, soon all of the card tags, brochures, business cards and more will have been printed by HaiChris. You may even see a van with a magnetic sign and our logo driving down the 405 soon!

Thank you HaiChris for all your amazing help with the Comfort Cub!

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