Front Line COVID-19 Stories | Healing Touch of a Comfort Cub

The Comfort Cub has been in the press recently as we are Gifting Comfort Cubs to people who are going through severe stress due to COVID-19 and its ripple effects. Originally our intention was to give away 1000 Comfort Cubs to underscore our 20th anniversary milestone. Today we have earmarked many of those cubs to provide to medical workers, front line responders and affected individuals of COVID-19.

Please link here if you are in need of a cub so we may learn your story.

From Jane O.

I have a niece who is 27, single, working on the front lines of COVID-19. She is a registered nurse in the ICU at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. She has experienced an enormous amount of trauma while seeing the devastation of this pandemic. She takes care of multiple patients during her long nightly shifts who are in tragic despair. Several have passed away and every one of them are alone. My niece's heart is extremely heavy. She lives alone and is frightened. We are concerned about both her safety and well-being due to this horrible experience, it may very well have long lasting effects on her mental health. This comfort cub will be a saving grace to her in more ways than one.

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