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Guest Post by Amy L.

Our world came crashing down on February 18, 2017 when we were told our son’s heart had stopped beating at 32 weeks 5 days gestation.  Asher Ray Lied came silently into the world on February 19, 2017 at 2:18p.  The following day we were discharged to go home without our son.  Before I was wheeled out of the hospital, my nurses handed me a teddy bear (that they had purchased for us) to fill my empty arms.  Since then, I have slept with that bear every single night.   It accompanied us on our family vacation and even represented Asher in our family photos.  It is priceless to me. 

Little Asher
Little Asher

A few weeks after Asher was born, we reached out to our local hospital and asked what we could do to give back to them in our son’s name.  We were directed to the Comfort Cub.  Having left the hospital with a teddy bear instead of my child, I knew from experience how meaningful it is to have SOMETHING to fill your arms; something to hug when the grief is too much, something to represent your child’s existence in this world. 

Donating the Comfort Cubs is one way Asher touches the lives of other grieving families.  He literally fills their empty, aching arms with a bear to cuddle when their hearts hurt too much.  In addition to our bear donations, a fellow loss mother and I started a resource website (The Lucky Anchor Project), social media page (Instagram), and Etsy shop called the Lucky Anchor Project in honor of our boys.  Our shop creates custom ornaments and mugs honoring children who were briefly with us.  All of our profits are then donated to other loss non-profit organizations.  Losing Asher gave me a new purpose in life; to do anything to make his brief life known to the world.  Thank you to the Comfort Cub for sharing Asher’s story and for giving us a way to give back to others affected by infant loss in his name. 

Note from editor. How Lucky Anchor got its name: Amy associates anchors with Asher because his nursery was nautically themed and her friend associates clovers with her son, Ezra, because he was born on St. Patty’s day. ⚓️🍀 Thus, Lucky Anchor :)

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