Chabad of Poway | Coming to the Aid of a Neighbor

The measure of a person, a team, a town, is in their response to a tragedy. Over Passover weekend, April 2019, the usually quiet and peaceful town of Poway, in San Diego County, experienced a horrific attack. A lone assailant barged into the Chabad of Poway Synagogue with a manifesto. As it played out, members of the congregation shielded children, friends and loved ones. Heartbreakingly, one cherished member of the community died and several others injured.

From Fox News 11 | San Diego

Our own backyard

For 19 years The Comfort Cub, which was invented in San Diego, has provided our therapeutic weighted bears across America. On April 27, we delivered them to our own backyard. Susan and her husband who live near Poway, responded within hours by hand delivering cubs to Rabbi Goldstein. Forty Cubs were provided to the victims, their families and to the Hebrew Children's school

We stand strong with Chabad of Poway. As Susan says in the newsclip, "Being part of a community, standing shoulder to shoulder when something like this happens, is the way to heal. Accepting each other and having compassion is the key."

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