Cub Hugs

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Managing Grief

In 2016 during my first pregnancy, I had a early first trimester miscarriage. In the days, weeks, and months to come I searched for something physical to cling to in my grief. I had nothing from my pregnancy other than a pregnancy test. Almost a year after my miscarriage I attended the NILMDTS Walk to Remember in Colorado. While visiting the vendors I came to The Comfort Cub. I will never forget the moment my bear was places in my arms. After so many months of searching I found what I had longed for from the moment I lost my baby. I finally had something to hold that brought me so much peace and comfort. My bear has continued to be an important part in my grief journey. Thank you for helping to make that possible. - Deanna D.


Hope you can Hold

There is science to holding the comfort cub.when you hold it its can cause your brain to release seatonin, dopamine that can help with grief, trauma and stress. - Karen L./Nurse, St. Joseph's Hospital No Cal


A Symbol of Hope

Often when children arrive at our Center they are nervous and sometimes scared, however after upon leaving, when handed the gift of a Comfort Cub, they ALWAYS leave with a smile. For them, it is a sense of comfort. I see it as a symbol of hope!  - Christina S., Supervisor, San Diego Forensic Health


Holding on

The first time I held my bear it saved my life I didn't feel as much emptiness I was still hurting but my arm wasn't hurting. When I left the hospital I didn't have my son but I had a bear that would help me get through hard times.  - Rachel S.


When Words Fail, the Cub is a Messenger of Hope

A precious child takes a last gentle breath following a long, difficult battle with cancer. The family is well-known to the pediatric oncology nursing team. These nurses have cared for, supported and loved this child through the rollercoaster ride of treatment; the days that bring great joy when cancer goes into remission, the days that bring great sorrow when news of recurrence is learned. But perhaps the greatest of sorrows comes at this final moment, at the bedside of a little one who leaves this world as we know it for the soul journey that lies beyond. In this moment, in the face of overwhelming grief and sadness, there are no medicines or treatments left to carry out, so we offer our caring presence. Is there some last gesture to comfort a mother's empty arms on the final walk out of the hospital? We are so thankful that we can say yes, now that we have the Comfort Cub to count among our resources for grieving families. As one of those pediatric oncology nurses, my heart is filled with gratitude for these furry little messengers of comfort and love. The giving of the cub is a powerful moment... a mother's small smile as she holds out her arms; the cub is embraced, and held close. We walk together out of the hospital doors, she holds the cub tenderly, resting her tear-stained cheek against it's soft fur. I wave goodbye. I hope she knows how much we care, how much her child mattered. I hope too, that this little bear is a small step to help her begin to soften the jagged edges of her grief. I know this little bear has helped me more tenderly care for my patient. Thank you, Comfort Cub. - Joanne A., RN., Rady's Children's Hospital 

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Paying it Forward

I got a [Comfort] Cub when my baby passed away. It was so helpful to me that I just purchased one for my 94 year old grandma after my grandpa died. I know it will bring her a lot of comfort too.  - Booke T. Oceanside


Grateful Recipient

I can't fully describe in words how much it meant, how much it helped, how holding that furry little bear in my arms soothed my broken heart. You're helping people during the most painful time in their lives. I am forever grateful for this beautiful gift of The Comfort Cub and look forward to passing that kindness on to others. - Grace A

Comforting Hands