Ways to Give (hidden)

Invest in the power of a hug.  As a non-profit The Comfort Cub depends on support and donations from generous individuals like you.

Please contact info@thecomfortcub.org if you need assistance.

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Non-Financial Support

Effortless Ways to Help

By using Smile Amazon or creating a Facebook Fundraiser, you have the power to change lives.

Donation Jar
Donating Money

Finacial Donations

Help Heal a Broken Heart

Through your generous financial donation, no matter what size, you will help provide cubs to hearts that need healing.

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Lending a Helping Hand

Matching Grant Opportunities

Underscore your investment

With a matching grant we can help increase the number of cubs that are needed to help your community.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Donate your time and expertise

Do you have experience that could impact our non-profit? Fill out our form so we can connect!


The Benefits of Giving

It brings more meaning to your life

Get a Tax Deduction

Help others in Need

Promotes Generosity

Lowers Heart Rate

Change the World

Make an Impact

Improves your Mood